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Is the no-code movement making it easier for non-coders to make a beautiful + functional website?

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I keep hearing about this "no-code" movement when it comes to website development. I think this deals with places like WordPress taking over where you do not need to know how to code anything, just how to make use of tools to set up an amazing website. I have used WordPress for 5 years now and I feel as though I would not need to higher a coder to make a site for me anymore. Some are saying that in just 10 years, web devs and designers will be a very niche job and not in high demand. A lot of them already focus more on apps these days anyways. 

What are your thoughts on the no-code movement? Do you think it will change much moving forward? 

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I remember making simple websites using HTML when I was in my teens and it was enjoyable for me. It was something I did as a hobby. I think these platforms are aimed toward people who just want to make a simple website and not pay/hire someone to do it. In some cases, I am sure it is fine but overall, if you plan on running a business, I think it is still a good idea to know what you are doing or have someone set a site up for you. Just my two-cents.