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Drag & Drop Builders?

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I am not someone who can develop and code a website from scratch. I have to rely on website builders, templates, and tools. 

It seems like the drag and drop builder concepts are becoming more and more popular these days. A lot of people recommend both Squarespace and Weebly, which seem to be the best ones out there. I am just not sure if they end up fairing well when it comes to traffic, speed, and so on. I only have experience with using WordPress. 

Does anyone here use drag and drop website builders? If so, which do you use and do you think your website is doing great using these builders?

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I have set up a website through Wix which I think may be the first big drag and drop website builder though I am not entirely certain. I used their service to build a really amazing, customized website back in 2012. I ended up needing to move away from it as it was not very mobile friendly at the time. That likely has changed, I would imagine. 

I think these are all great options for people who just need to start a website to direct people to for contact information or smaller specialty shops like for those who make and sell their own graphic artwork.