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Have you ever done work/business through Fiverr?

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I was considering signing up for Fiverr as I need some work done and saw that some people on their offer good rates for their services. I was talking with a few people on Reddit the other day and one guy mentioned that he makes good money providing services through the platform. I didn't get into the greater details of things but it seems to be a good option for people who freelance or those looking to supplement their earnings on or offline.

Have you ever used Fiverr for work or business? How have your experiences been? 

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I have not personally used Fiverr as a buyer, I have provided services in the past on the platform but it has been several years since I had done that. It could have very well since changed. HireWriters is a platform I have used as a buyer though, in more recent time. I hired a writer just a month or so ago and it was a pleasant experience. She gave me high quality blog articles that have done well on my sites. I am going to give Fiverr a try for another project I am working on and hire someone for a logo design. But I will not be focusing on this until after the the year ends.  

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