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Are survey sites worth the time?

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I know 10+ years ago, people were able to make decent money taking surveys online. It was a good side-hustle and a way to supplement your pay. It seems like these days, however, most survey sites and services pay very little if anything at all. Some only offer rewards in the form of discounts, gift cards, or items and don't actually pay cash. Do you think survey's are still worth the time today or are there better options for making supplemental money online? 

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Well, the average earnings seem to be anywhere between $0.50 and $5.00 per survey. Some offer more, many offer less. This is just the average I have seen. Most of these platforms also work on a points system so you need to earn points which equate to dollars and the payment issue process is seldom clear and straight forward. It is not impossible to make thousands a month taking online surveys but the overwhelming majority of people who do these, do not make that much. SurveySavvy and SwagBucks seem to be the top places to do online surveys and have been around a long time. SurveySavvy offers actual paychecks/payments whereas SwagBucks focuses more on a rewards system using coupons, giftcards, etc. 

I would say if you are curious about it, to try one of those two out but don't sink too much time into them as the average earning per hour is something like $3.00 which is not a lot.